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For Explorers: International Packaging Licensing

 Do you export to other European countries? If so, you are probably obliged to comply with surprisingly complex foreign packaging law at your destination.

Dozens of legal acts in force, various different languages spoken, autonomous updates and recycling targets make overlooking regulation in the European nations rather non-transparent. Meanwhile, failure to comply with said regulations will make your organisation liable for penalties, ranging from financial fines up to imprisonment of responsible managers.

Interseroh can be your partner for handling these obligations anywhere in Europe. Whether you just need to check if you are obliged at all, lack some country specific information or would prefer Interseroh handled international licensing for you altogether.

Consultation and training

We offer consultations on packaging licenses for all European countries. You determine the scope: we can either help you with specific countries and keep you updated on a regular basis, or we can provide comprehensive compliance reports for your organisation. Learn about how take-back schemes work, which legislation you have to take into account, at what intervals your statements have to be provided, which costs your organisation incurs and how these costs can be optimised.



Our declaration software, developed by Interseroh experts, will convert your organisation’s sales data into quantity reports. The software comes with all relevant conversion and legal information is kept entirely up-to-date and saves you from having to organise collecting, formatting, interpreting and reinterpreting data. Your sales data is the only input the software requires.



Interseroh can take over the entire declaration process. We will take care of everything, from selecting a return scheme to registering your organisation to regular quantity reports, changes in reporting procedures and any other contact. We make sure your organisation does not run any risks and that you can focus on your core business.


Licensing in Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovenia

Interseroh currently runs take-back schemes in four European countries: Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovenia. Get in touch with our sales team to discuss licensing your packaging with Interseroh internationally.


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