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We offer a wide range of environmental services to turn waste into a resource

Equipment rental for waste storage

This service consists of providing equipment to be used in waste storage and/or its volume reduction. We can hire or sell equipment such as: removable containers of different size and kind, press containers, vertical and horizontal presses with various thrust capacity.

Pick-up and transport of waste

This service includes waste collection from our Customers’ premises and its transport to treatment plants, paying special attention to logistic planning and scheduling, for a proper optimization of routes and related environmental and economic impacts. The whole activity is coordinated through a service centre that plans, organises, manages, optimizes and controls the whole procedure, that ends with waste delivery to previously selected sorting/valorising plants.

Waste valorisation

Through its own international network, Interseroh valorises all recyclable waste that can have a second life, guaranteeing the highest return possible in terms of environmental and economic sustainability. We provide our Customers with a Network of selection/treatment and valorisation plants, highly specialized in waste recovery. We use proximity as a guideline, that is, plants have to be as close as possible to the place where waste is produced.

Environmental consultancy and training

We provide companies with continuous consultancy and training, and with tools that allow them to understand their level of compliance to the environmental legislation.

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