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We are environmental partners for our customers in each industrial and commercial sector

Thanks to our well-established experience and to our organisational model we are able to offer waste management services in all the industrial and commercial sectors, in particular in the following branches

Large scale retailing

Different types of waste generated, lack of storage space, need for rapid and specific intervention, valorisation of packaging and any other recoverable waste, assurance that all the waste that could be reused differently is disposed and destroyed: these are just some of the environmental management specific needs for large scale retailing. Interseroh has designed a package of services to offer a tailor-made and innovative answer to the management of waste and resources produced in large scale retailing outlets.

Food and catering

The food and catering sector is characterised by stringent standards for quality, hygiene and safety. These standards must also be met by waste disposal. People operating in this sector are well aware that a 360°, customer-oriented service is what makes a visit to their premises an unforgettable experience. Interseroh applies this same philosophy to waste management, developing integrated waste disposal models for the food and catering industry.


As for commercial services, Interseroh can coordinate waste management for each sale point and distribution centre nationwide though it’s wide offer. A well-organised, compliant waste management is one of the “keys to success” in the commercial sector. Our experts offer a service tailored to your specific needs.


Our experts can plan a waste management strategy for one or more of your manufacturing facilities, for any kind of production, from automotive to food and beverage, nationwide and as prescribed by the law. We identify cost drivers, and constantly adapt our disposal strategies to your company’s needs and to environmental protection laws. We offer guidelines on how to reduce the ecological footprint of your supply chain, and identify potential strategies to increase your cost efficiency, as well as alternative solutions to reach a higher recycling rate. Thanks to our experience in the field of disposal and destruction of high risk products, we offer reliable solutions for your special waste, from pick-up and transport to their complete destruction and electronic record-keeping.


We offer management solutions for waste coming from building sites of any kind and size. Our Customers can rely on an integrated and centrally managed network of companies working in the field of construction waste disposal, and on our ability to conjugate legally compliant and economically efficient solutions. We work side by side with our Customers to implement waste selection strategies tailored to their specific needs.


We are ideal partners for customers that have more than one branch and deal daily with packaging and waste movement.

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