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Management at Interseroh Italy: taking responsibility for customers, employees and the environment

The strong management team at Interseroh Italy stands for sustainable strategy and decision-making, responsible company management and an open corporate culture. 

“Circular economy promotion is currently a highly topical issue, in the context of a model of sustainable development where «today’s needs can be met without compromising the possibility for future generations to meet theirs». Interseroh Italia has made circular economy its core business, turning it into a tangible value for its customers. Thanks to a partnership with Interseroh Italy, companies can foster their environmental sustainability with economical advantages, and achieve a greater competitiveness at the national and international level, in full compliance with legal requirements. Our team includes some of the best professionals in the environmental field, with an extensive experience acquired in and outside of Europe. They can offer the most cost-effective and innovative solutions throughout the whole material flow management.”

Roberto Magnaghi (Managing Director)

After 15 years of experience in Conai (Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi), Roberto Magnaghi becomes Managing Director for Interseroh Service Italia in 2012. He is an expert in circular economy, specialised in national and international legislation on packaging and packaging waste.

"Our employees are the key to our success - today and in the future. Leading through communication and the work-force of our employees are the basis for the entrepreneurial success of Interseroh. The customer is at the center of our daily activities - together with our employees and suppliers, we develop services that are characterized by sustainability."

Mag. Martin Ulke (Head of Regional Center Interseroh)

Drawing from Interseroh Group’s international experience and from the established local competence of the members of our team, Interseroh Italy offers its services with determination and enthusiasm to all Italian Companies, as a partner that can provide innovative environmental services, specifically designed and implemented to meet any Customer’s need and with added value creation as its main objective. We aim at establishing a clear, well planned and satisfactory path with our Customers, becoming together a pole of attraction for the development of sustainable ideas and solutions.

Mario Bagna (Sales Director)

Has a 20 years long working experience in the environmental field in Italian leading companies dealing with industrial and commercial waste collection, transport, sorting, recovery and disposal. He held key positions  both in the operational field (Logistics and Plants) and in the sales field (Sales Management).