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Interseroh – Your strong environmental services provider for an intelligent circular economy

We offer environmental consulting and integrated waste management services, in line with the principle of a circular economy. Our investment in innovation is matched by our commitment to long-term customer partnerships. Our creative approach to sustainability aims to provide a tailored solution for each and every customer requirement. 

  • Customised environmental solutions

  • Innovative approaches to recycling

  • Award-winning secondary raw material

  • Comprehensive service portfolio

  • Over 30 years in the industry

  • Tailor-made sustainability strategy

Our services for any scenario

Packaging management in Italy

We help companies complying with obligations for packaging management in Italy, and to recover the costs of packaging for the products exported abroad.

Assessment for a compliant packaging management

Refund of Conai Environmental Contribution

Packaging management in Europe

Interseroh will be your experienced partner for international regulations on packaging management in all the 28 European Countries, and you will get packaging license for the goods you export to Germany.

International Packaging Licensing

Packaging licensing for packaged products exported in Germany

Waste management

We offer you safe and tailor-made solutions for your waste collection, transport, recovery or disposal. We can find a market for all the recoverable materials our customers produce as waste.

Integrated waste management

Recyclable material trading

Recyclable material trading

Today’s waste products are tomorrow’s resources. Interseroh trades raw materials in every category on the global market.

Recyclable material trading

  • Packaging management in Italy
  • Packaging management in Europe
  • Waste management

An overview of our services